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A Gluten Free Cruise : Our Recap of the Carnival Miracle Part One

on March 6, 2013

With the snow falling outside, I figured it would be nice to recap our anniversary cruise.


One of the things we promised to each other when we got married was that we would go somewhere to celebrate our anniversary every year.  This year we decided to take a cruise!

We had gone on one cruise before on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore.  It was close and convenient, but this year we decided to take the Carnival Miracle out of New York and enjoy one extra day at sea.

We left on February 1st.  The drive from Maryland to New York was about 5 hours, which wasn’t a bad drive, and spent the night at a friend’s apartment.  Very sleepy the next day, we made our way to the cruise port.  We stopped at a gas station for breakfast, grabbing things like string cheese, yogurt, Naked smoothies, and fruit.  It was filling enough, and gluten free.  It’s such a relief that gluten free items are more common place now and easier to find.

So, to the cruise port!  We arrived at the port at 10:45 and we were able to board the ship at 12:30.  We headed straight for the buffet and grabbed our first meal on board.



I stuck with salad, just in case.  From there we searched out the Bacchus Dining room to talk to someone about my gluten free needs.  That proved to be easy.  They had a time set up to talk to them about dining issues such as allergies, special needs, and the desire to change either your set dining time or your assigned table.  Very nice!  I talked to the hostess who had me choose a meal for that night and informed me that every evening before dinner was over, someone would come and talk to me to get my order for the meals of the next day.  With that chore done, it was time for the Muster drill and then to the very cold sail away!





For dinner that evening I had Cured Salmon and Candied Tomatoes as an appetizer and what was originally a chicken pasta dish, but was served gluten free for me.  For dessert I had Creme Brulee, an option offered to me every day as it was one of the few gluten free options.

The hubster had Beef and Barley soup and the Beef Brisket.  His dishes were not gluten free.

The next day came, and with it we had room service!  Yum!


Lox and cream cheese, hold the Bagel!  We went up on deck to watch the sunrise after eating, but sadly found we missed it.  We spent the rest of the morning relaxing in one of the clam shell chairs on the adults only deck.  Ah, being on a cruise is pure relaxation.

After a while we headed down the dining room for our second breakfast!  I had ordered my food the day before, Eggs Benedict on gluten free toast and fresh melon with cottage cheese.  287

I ordered the fresh melon every day Brunch was going on in the dining room from then on.  The eggs Benedict was delicious, though it was very filling and rich.  Hubster ordered the steak and eggs and was quite pleased with his choice.

We lazed around for the rest of the day, hitting a future cruise talk and browsing the shops.  Since we had late dining at 8:15, we found ourselves getting hungry earlier than planned.  Luckily the pizza place on board offered up gluten free pizza, which we both decided to partake in.


From there we spent time in the hot tub before heading to a nice nap before dinner.  Something about being on the ocean is very relaxing and fantastic for sleep.

I ordered the night before smoked duck and a salad as my appetizers (on a cruise you can order as much as you want, no extra cost!) and a pork steak dish as my main.  He ordered Tom ka gai (a thai soup) for his appetizer and flat iron steak for his main.  We both had tropical fruit for dessert, and that remained my dessert for the rest of the trip despite the hostess pleading with me to try the gluten free melting chocolate cake or the crustless cheesecake.  I just wanted fruit!






We spent the rest of the evening in the piano bar, and then up on deck to the enjoy the very dark night and the quiet before retiring to bed.

Day three!



We brought our room service breakfast outside to enjoy the sunrise, which we managed to catch this time!  I was still tired after eating, so I went back to the room to nap while he headed to the gym.  Once I woke up we decided it was a good day for mini golf.


Playing mini golf on a ship is an amusing experience.  Imagine a slight swaying and a little ball not going exactly where you wanted it to go.  Or that ball on course for the hole when a slight listing happens.  Oops, your hole in one just got ruined!  It was pretty amusing!

Later in the day a Mexican buffet was going on.  I figured that the tortilla chips that seemed corn based and the tomato based chili would be safe bets.  I was wrong.  I spent the rest of the day before dinner dealing with skipping heart beats, anxiety, and severe indigestion to the point of not being able to stand up straight.  We still aren’t sure where the problem came from, though the suspicion is that the “corn” chips were probably very cheap and had wheat added to them.  I never ate from the buffet again.

Before dinner, we managed to catch the sunset from our balcony.


I felt a little better by the time dinner rolled around, but not by a lot.  As luck would have it, it was elegant night.  I chose to wear a loose fitting skirt rather than the fancy dress I had planned to wear because my stomach was still hurting quite a bit.

At least at dinner, having ordered already, I knew everything was safe.  I had shrimp cocktail and lobster while he had the pumpkin soup and prime rib.  No complaints there!  I should probably mention that every day at dinner after the waiters would offer bread to my table mates, they would bring me two slices of gluten free bread on a separate plate.  The first night I hated it.  Thought it was gross.  Then I slathered it in butter and suddenly it was better!  My taste for it grew over the week.


I unfortunately would remain overly cautious about everything I ate for the rest of the trip because of the buffet fiasco.

After dinner we cuddled up in our clam shell chairs and just relaxed until we grew too tired to stay awake.  We crawled into bed and slept until morning, day four, and Port Canaveral Florida!

To be continued…..


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