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A Gluten Free Cruise : Our Recap of the Carnival Miracle Part Two

on March 8, 2013

This post was delayed by a day due to a lot of errands we had to run!

Part One : Days 1-3

By day 4 we still had no idea what we were going to do for our day in Florida.  After a late room service breakfast of smoked salmon, we ran down to the excursions desk and booked a shuttle to Cocoa Village and Cocoa Beach.


We’re on a bus…woo!

He wanted to go to Nolan’s Irish Pub near the beach for a beer.  While there he had a beer and cheese soup, which I of course did not have!  He said it was delicious though.



After talking to the barman for a while I realized how lucky I was with my gluten problems.  Apparently they had someone come in not long ago that couldn’t even kiss their boyfriend after he had a beer.  I’m glad that’s not the case for me, as my husband’s beer is his one gluteny treat.

After the pub, we wandered to the CVS and grabbed sunscreen since despite being quite sure I packed it, I never found it in my luggage.  Oops!  Then we hopped back on the shuttle to head to Cocoa Village.



I did an internet search on my phone for “Gluten Free Cocoa Village” which took me to a cafe called So Good! Cottage Cafe.  Yummy Gluten Free bread sandwiches!



And that my friends is a smile when your mouth is full…

We wandered around the village for a few more hours before heading back to the ship.  We went swimming in the pool and then watched sailaway before dinner.


For dinner I had prosciutto ruffles with melon and sushi and salmon as my main.  He had the meatloaf, which is not available as a gluten free dish.

We again spent time in the piano bar before retiring to bed.

Day Five!  Nassau, The Bahamas.

When we finally got up the next morning we were pulling into Nassau. We wandered down to breakfast.  He had an omelet while I kept it very simple with fruit and cheese.  We lazed about for most of the morning, waving at passengers on the other ships in port.  Our snorkeling excursion wasn’t until the afternoon, so we had time to be lazy.

Finally, it was time to go!  We had been in Nassau before, so we mostly just wanted to get to the snorkeling.

The water there was gorgeous as we walked down the pier, heading to the catamaran that would take us to the reef.

Finally, our snorkeling trip began!




I honestly can’t wait to go snorkeling again!  I wish I had gotten more clear pictures of this adventure, but next time I’ll spend more time under the water.

As we headed back to land they passed out punch and rum punch.  Not really knowing anything about it, I avoided it.  But he certainly enjoyed his fill!

576We got back to the pier and did some small shopping.  We picked our Christmas ornament for the trip, a lovely bunch of shells in the shape of a star, and he insisted on a necklace of hematite for me.  It’s his favorite!

Back on board and very exhausted, we went swimming again and then relaxed in a clam shell chair with books until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Two shrimp cocktails and Red Snapper for dinner while he had Chicken tenders marinated in Thai spices and filet Mignon, two orders!

The next day was going to start early, so we passed out shortly after dinner.

Day Six: Freeport, The Bahamas!

666Today we decided to go kayaking.  This turned out to be our favorite part of the trip.  Unfortunately the nature of kayaking doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for picture taking.  Kayaking as a team for the first time causes a lot of arguments.  “Turn left, LEFT!” “I am! You’re turning the wrong way!” Haha, good memories.  But seriously, it was a blast.  We found out that usually when we got stuck it was because we both were doing it wrong.  Once we figured that out it went smoothly from then on.  Our guide told us that it’s always funny when couples on their honeymoon do the kayaking portion of the trip.  They start the trip very romantic and sweet with one another but once the kayaking begins all hell breaks loose.  Now that I’ve kayaked as a couple, I can definitely see how that could happen.




After the kayaking portion we took a nature hike and ended up on Gold Rock Beach for lunch.  Unfortunately the lunch provided was lunch meat, vegetables, and bread.  Not knowing what was in the meat I avoided the whole meal other than an apple.  I would have had tomatoes, but people were stabbing the meat and then the vegetables with the same fork so I didn’t want to risk it.

We had company for our lunch…


We spent the next hour swimming.  Gold Rock Beach was the most gorgeous beach I have ever been to.



752I can’t wait to go back there.

Once swim time was over we were bussed back to the port and went back on board.

869We caught a nice sunset a few hours after sail away, then we headed to dinner.

I had a seafood platter with tiger shrimp, ahi tartare, and smoked salmon with grilled shrimp for my main dish while he had many servings of Chateaubriand for dinner.

After dinner we spent hours on the Serenity deck relaxing with our books, enjoying the last few hours of warmth as we headed back up the coast towards New York once again.

Two days to go…..

To be continued…yet again.


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