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A Gluten Free Cruise: Our Recap of the Carnival Miracle Part 3!

on March 19, 2013

And finally…Part 3.  Where I will talk about the last two days at sea before arriving back in New York an give my overall impressions and tips.

Part One and Part Two

Given the gap between those two parts and this last one, I will admit that certain details such as what we ate on what day and everything we did has become a bit fuzzy.  It could also be because I am a bit sick, hence the gap in time!  I apologize and will strive to make a post at a minimum of twice a week.  That’s my goal!

Alrighty days 7 and 8!

Day 7 started to get colder again.  We were already at the Carolina’s by morning.  More smoked salmon and melon for room service as we went up on deck to enjoy the last little bit of time outside.  Of course we went for second breakfast later in the day and I had my gluten free eggs Benedict while he enjoyed his steak and eggs again.  We wandered around the ship for a while, did goofy things…

962 967

But by later that day we were starting to get really worn out, in need of just some peace and quiet and a whole lot of room time.  So we watched tv for a while and lazed about with a gluten free pizza.

Guess what was on!


Oh only my favorite movie series!  No problem watching tv for a while that day!

Later in the evening it was another elegant night.



All I can safely say as far as what we had for dinner is that there was definitely shrimp cocktail, fish, and a melon plate for me and some steak dish for him with sherbert.  Beyond that…well..like I said…it’s getting hazy there in the memories.  I can say with absolute certainty that it was good!  It was also on this night that our table mates ordered a special order of creme brulee for the next night’s dinner.  Yep, you’re allowed!

After dinner we went back to the deck to moon bathe for a while, but it was starting to get really windy outside so we were shooed away in very little time.

Day 8!

I could almost talk about this day entirely in pictures, but I wont.

909 913 941

Our favorite area closed off!  Unable to go outside!  10 foot waves!  It was a miserable day for me.  I was pretty seasick on the last day.  Oddly enough, so was some of the crew.  We hardly did anything on the last day.  We did go to the dining room for breakfast, but despite having ordered gluten free french toast the night before, I cancelled it and just had a melon plate and juice.  Heavy foods were not my friend.

We wandered around the ship for a while, making sure to tip extra to the people that made the vacation extra special.  Our favorite photographer, who let us do goofy poses for her while everyone else wanted us in awkward positions that did not feel natural.  The guys at the pizza place who always had a gluten free pizza for me.  The hostess in the dining room who came around every evening to take my order for the following day.  And our room steward who kept our room tidy and made us cute little towel animals every evening.

Most of the day was spent wandering, then sitting when I got too dizzy, then wandering again when not being able to go outside got to me.

My dinner was light that evening.  I stuck with only shrimp cocktail and my trusty fruit plate while he had the Indian Vegetables dish for dinner along with sherbert.  We kept hoping that they would open up the decks again before morning, but it never happened, so off to bed we went.

Debarkation day went fairly smoothly, if a bit depressing.  All morning we heard alarms for the crew’s version of fire drills.  Of course we found out later it was likely because the Triumph had an engine room fire that same day.



Well back in New York and off the ship we went to pick up our car and dig it out from the snow…oops.

All in all, a very good vacation.

Now look, I know that Carnival cruises have been in a bad light lately.  but do you know how many cruise ships leave on their voyages every single day?  All in all the cruise industry is an incredibly safe vacation.  Yes the Triumph was stranded.  But never at any time were the passengers in danger.  I’ve read recent accounts of people that were actually on that trip and it seems to me that the hardship was hyped up a lot.  Food shortages were because people in line earlier were taking meat off of sandwiches and hording food.  Shoot, some people apparently had steak and lobster during their camping at sea adventure.  I’m not saying it’s a trip I would enjoy, especially since a lot of what was available were sandwiches and I’m not sure how they handled food allergies during that problem.  But their cruise was fully refunded in addition to a free cruise later on and extra money for the hardship.  In my opinion, which may not be worth much considering I wasn’t on that trip, that seems pretty fair to me.

I am glad that with the recent problems that some of the ships have been having that they are going work on upkeep more.  That’s never a bad thing.  But what bugs me are the people that cringe when I mention I like going cruises, Carnival one’s in particular.

In my experience, no, they are not a booze cruise.  Mostly they seemed like a family friendly cruise line and a good choice for an inexpensive vacation.

And they way they treat food allergies?  Fantastic!   I was really worried going on this trip that I would have a loss of control over what I’m eating.  That is something very scary for people with food allergies.  Not being able to control exactly what is going into your food is frightening.  But, Carnival delivered on that front for sure.

So, bottom line, if you’d like to go on a trip that takes you to a different destination each day without having to drive, I’d highly recommend cruising!


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