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I don’t follow decorating trends…

on April 9, 2013

I like color.  Lots of it.  Colorful walls.  Colorful artwork.  Colorful blankets and pillows.  Color!!  But…practically my entire upstairs is an orangey beige color.  Ugly color.  But it was here when we moved in.  We painted quite a bit when we moved here.  All of downstairs and bedrooms.  But this space, it’s overwhelming.  Our solution for the space at least for now is to cover it with as much art as we can!

So, I don’t like neutral tones in my home.  It’s not us in any sense. I also decorate with toys.  Lego’s adorn my walls.  I’m serious.  Above our front door are shelves that house Lego pirate ships.  I’ll share that picture in the tour that is coming soon..

I don’t want a house that someone would say belongs in a magazine.  It’s my home, it’s much more than a house.  I want a house that makes people know who we are as soon as they walk in.  A home with personality.

I also want a home that is comfortable, which is how I ended up writing this post in the first place.

It seems in many decorating and renovating blogs I have visited that ceiling fans are a huge decorating no-no.

I have read a few that one of the first things the owner does upon moving into their new home is replace those fans with light fixtures, no fans!  Ok, I get that.  It’s a cleaner look.

You know what I want in my home?  More ceiling fans.  I have two.  We moved into a house with hardly any light fixtures period.  The basement room luckily has lighting, not that it’s attractive.  Right now that, the kitchen, the foyer, and the dining room are the only rooms with overhead lighting.  The dining room and the foyer are where the ceiling fans are.  And I am thankful to them so much on a day like today.  April 9th and 90 degrees!

I want more, though, especially in the kitchen and bedrooms.  In other houses that I have lived in, ceiling fans always reduced my energy costs.  I would be content with the windows open and the fans running in the heat of the summer most of the time.

So, that’s a priority before it gets to the sweltering heat of summer.  Ceiling fans everywhere!

That is all.


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