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Kitchens and Cluelessness

on June 10, 2013

Okay, so when we were house hunting we specifically wanted to get a house in need of a new kitchen.  In our price range that was pretty easy.  Almost every house we looked at needed a new kitchen.  In our old home we turned a 1940’s military housing kitchen into something that was actually usable.  While far from our dream kitchen, it was a good kitchen and we learned a lot from that redo.


This was the extent of our counter space.  Not even joking.  There was a tiny little metal cabinet above the sink and that was the extent of the cabinet space.  We usually ended up using a cutting board on half of the stove for a counter top since the other half of the sink area was used for a drainer.  We tore everything out.

I think, though, that we turned it into something nice.

kitchenremodel4 kitchenremodel5 kitchenmodel6 kitchenremodel7 kitchenremodel8Though we never actually finished the project.  Sad.

But I do think we did well with the limited amount of space that we had.  And I loved those counter tops with the molded in sink.  Oh so very nice.  We eventually were going to open up the window into a in the future dining room addition.  Sadly, that never happened either.

Moving on!

So here we are, a year and a half into our “new” home.  It has it’s own kitchen problems.  The size is fantastic, but the layout is extremely awkward.  And, we are on a strict budget.

Here is my very crude, totally not to scale, took a picture of it with my phone because my scanner is broken, layout.

Kitchen Floor Plan

The fridge and pantry side lead to the dining room.  The other side just leads to the big open spaced room at the top of the stairs.  Knocking down a wall, totally not an option.  The whole area is actually surprisingly open and perhaps once I clean to my satisfaction I’ll finally get to the video tour.  That requires every room being clean at the same time, so I guess that will have to be right before a party or something!

The counter is awful. Awful Awful Awful.  We hate the cabinets too and that fact that there aren’t many.  There are cabinets over the sink as well, but it’s still a pathetic amount of storage for such a large space.

And, we don’t have any idea what to do with it.  We’re clueless!

The windows are long, so if cabinets were placed there the windows would have to be shortened.

One great thing, though, is the amount of light that comes in.  That’s pretty awesome.

We do have the option of gutting our old kitchen and reusing some stuff since that kitchen isn’t being used by anyone at the moment, but we aren’t sure how everything would fit at this point.

So, asking for help and ideas to anyone reading.  Help, we’re clueless!!



I just found a few pictures of the kitchen from our inspection.  The table is different and is a counter height table that I use for prep a lot and the fridge and dishwasher were changed out for newer ones.  The stove is the same however.  The wall with recycling against it is a half wall overlooking the stairs and foyer.

house 017house 019 house 020


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