Our Geek Home

Creating our geeky home together

Our Story

We are husband and wife, living our self proclaimed geek life in the DC area, trying to make a home together!

Our Story

We met at the age of 12 in middle school.  Though we knew each other for years, we did not become friends until we were out of high school.  We remained friends for years, though perhaps there was a little bit of a falling out in there that took a while to get over.  I moved around a lot while he stayed local for the most part.  One year, as I was about to move away to Ohio, we realized our feelings were stronger than that of just friends.  I ended up moving anyway, though I moved back just a few short months later.  From the day I moved back on we were attached, getting engaged just 6 months later in August. We set a date for February 2010.  As luck would have it, Snowmageddon happened the day before our wedding date.  No matter, though, we got married anyway, just a day later than we would have intended!


So here we are now, building our lives together, creating our own little geek home.


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